Karma Capital Advisors Private Limited as Portfolio Management Services of Welcon Financials Pvt Ltd

Portfolio Management Services is a custom-tailored professional service that caters to the investing goals of various investor types. PMS’s investment solutions are tailored to a certain group of clientele. Individuals or institutions with a high net worth can be clients. Welcon Financials is constantly working to provide the greatest product and service options to our discerning investors seeking above-average returns and specialized services. Our partnership with Karma Capital Advisors Private Limited expands our HNI desk’s horizons by offering tailored portfolio management services to select customers seeking exceptional results. Nikhil Desai and Rushabh Sheth, well-known market leaders in the sector, created Karma Capital, an Investment and Management Advisory registered with SEBI, in 2005. Since its inception, the company has grown to have a total AUM of 4585.64 crores and a client base of 40, with some notable relationships whose corpus are managed, such as Murugappa Family Group fund, Volvo Motors Pension Fund, Danske: Denmark Government Pension Fund, and Norges Bank: Sovereign Wealth Fund of Norway, to name a few.

Services Offered by Karma Capital Advisors Private Limited as Portfolio Management Services are listed below:

The goal of portfolio management services is to create a portfolio with the highest possible return at the risk level that the investor thinks appropriate. Diversification of Risks Spreading risk, similar to asset investment, is an important component of portfolio management.

  • The amount of money he has available to invest. 
  • Identifying an asset that will meet the investor’s goals. 
  • Creating a comprehensive investment policy based on the investor’s insight.
  •  The portfolio is always being monitored.
  • Discretionary Services, based on each client’s special needs and aims:
  • Advisory Services with astute conclusions and recommendations to ensure profitability

Investment Philosophy and Sectoral Exposure:

Investment Philosophy

  • Bottoms Up Approach – Conservation and Wealth Creation over a longer time horizon with diversification
  • Margin of safety regarding returns on investment
  • Risk Potential
  • Process-Driven Approach

Sectoral Exposure:


Market Capitalisation/Portfolio Construction and Returns:

Karma Capital Advisors Private Ltd is into Multi Cap portfolio advisory with the allocation as under:

Multi Cap Classifications

Portfolio   Construction is described below:

Portfolio Concentration


Top 5


Karma Wealth Builder



Calendar Year Returns













Karma Wealth Builder












Fee Structure

Karma Capital Advisory Private Limited Charges are the most competitive and best in the industry

Risk Parameters

The Risk practice adopted by karma Capital Advisory Private Limited is the best in the industry. Portfolio management services is crucial because it reduces risk by diversifying investments and redistributing cash across different assets based on their performance. It also aids in the preparation of tax requirements. It also aids in the organization of money in times of need. Portfolio risk management is a critical component of a company’s ability to deliver additional business value. Organizations that manage portfolio risk proactively are better positioned to take on more risk, improve portfolio value, and have a greater percentage of project delivery success.

Reasons for Choosing Karma Capital Advisors Private Limited

Our portfolios have a high level of conviction. We believe in proper diversity, but we believe that over-diversification dilutes returns and increases the market risk for our clients. We are buy-and-hold investors who think that selecting the proper business requires talent, and holding onto these businesses long enough to allow our investors to benefit from the whole growth cycle requires even more skill.

  • Proven track record as the best in the industry for the last 14 years
  • Risk Diversion features with Multi-Cap exposure and portfolios with excellent returns
  • Conflict of Interest eradication
  • Competitive Fee structure 
  • Best Research Database
  • Adherence to Margin of safety
  • Another factor that may provide our PMS an advantage over other schemes on the market is its investing approach. Before committing cash, it makes sense for the investor to grasp the plan. If the plans are complicated, the long-term feasibility of the strategies should be clearly stated.
  • The portfolio’s success is solely determined by the manager’s ability to outperform the market. As a result, completing due diligence on the portfolio manager is an important part of choosing our PMS.
  • The PMS fee structure, which is based on the manager’s success, should result in a win-win situation. Returns are normally shared at a rate of 20%.
  • Investors prefer customer service and transparency, especially in discretionary portfolios.

Our PMS is a good option for an investor with limited time and knowledge but a large cash base because the investment management organization is well-known and operates transparently. Our PMS also aids in achieving higher diversification benefits than randomly investing in a variety of stocks. The portfolio’s returns and performance are strongly dependent on the correctness of the portfolio manager’s securities analysis, and thus on the investment management institution’s competency.