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Being pioneers of Financial planning as the most pivotal of all initiatives towards Financial well-being.

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Being pioneers of Financial planning as the most pivotal of all initiatives towards Financial well-being, Welfin champions the cause and promotes Financial Planning as a holistic exercise to evaluate your current and future financial standing and thereby enabling you to achieve all your goals in a systematic manner.

We create a road-map and equip you to meet all your life’s expenses – both the expected and unexpected. The process includes budgeting your expenses, investing in the right assets, setting SMART goals, mitigating risks and selecting right asset allocation, creating a retirement plan and more.

A client wonders why he/she needs a financial plan when one has enough savings for the future.

If you are earning, your monthly income can cover your expenses, and whatever you save you will invest for your future needs. It is expected that you will have enough savings set aside to live the rest of your life maintaining a lifestyle that is better or at least commensurate to one’s current lifestyle when one is in the earning phase. Here we need to factor in Inflation because it has the power to eat away the value of your hard-earned money.

Inflation is a general rise in price of goods and services over a period. Something that costs you Rs. 100 today could cost you Rs. 110 tomorrow. Imagine what it would cost you when you retire in so many years.

An example to bring out the point :

Current Monthly Household Expense: Rs. 30,000

Years to Retirement: 15

Inflation Rate: 8% p.a.

Future Household Expense (post retirement): Rs. 95,165 per month

To fight inflation you need a prudent investment plan that factors in inflation and creates a plan to streamline and maximise your financial future. Financial Planning involves planning for your life goals such as your own retirement, your child’s education and marriage, purchase of house, car, annual family vacations and any other goals that you may fancy.

While creating a financial plan your planner will first quantify all your goals, evaluate your assets and liabilities, quantify your cash flows, and then plan to allocate your funds towards these goals in a systematic manner so that they can be achieved. Once a plan has been created by taking all your personal financial requirements into account, then you would begin investing towards the goals. The recommendations for investments are the last piece to fit into the financial plan. These recommendations may also include tax-saving investments.

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