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Mutual funds give individual investors access to professionally managed portfolios of equities, bonds, and other securities.

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Mutual funds give individual investors access to professionally managed portfolios of equities, bonds, and other securities. Each shareholder, therefore, participate proportionally in the gains or losses of the fund. Mutual funds invest in a vast number of securities, and performance is usually tracked as the change in the total market capitalization of the fund—derived by the aggregating performance of the underlying investments.

Welfin deals with the best mutual funds from the topmost fund houses to suggest the right funds depending on your age, time horizon, risk appetite and goals. We guide you to the best mutual funds for your needs and depending on your investible time horizon we suggest the best long-term mutual funds or short term ones if the time horizon is less.

There are a variety of reasons that mutual funds have been the retail investor’s vehicle of choice for decades. The overwhelming majority of money in employer-sponsored retirement plan goes to mutual funds. Diversification of investments and assets within a portfolio to reduce risk is one of the advantages of investing in mutual funds.

Professional Financial Experts :

Every Mutual Fund scheme has a well-defined objective and behind every scheme, there is a dedicated team of financial experts working in tandem with specialized investment research team. These experts diligently and judiciously study companies, their products and performance, and after thorough analysis, they decide on the best investment option most aptly suited to achieve the objective as well as investors financial goals.

Diversifying Risk :

It plays a very big part in the success of any portfolio. Mutual funds invest in a broad range of securities. This limits investment risk by reducing the effect of a possible decline in the value of any one security. Mutual fund unit-holders can benefit from diversification techniques usually available only to investors wealthy enough to buy significant positions in a wide variety of securities.

Low Cost :

Mutual Funds generally provide an opportunity to invest with fewer funds as compared to other avenues in the capital market. You can invest in a mutual fund with as little as Rs. 5,000 and also have the option of investing a little of Rs.500 every month in a SIP or Systematic Investment Plan.

Liquidity :

You can encash your money from a mutual fund on an immediate basis when compared with other forms of savings like the public provident fund or National Savings Scheme. You can withdraw or redeem money at the Net Asset Value related prices in the open-end schemes. In closed-end schemes, lock in period is mentioned; investor cannot redeem his investment until that period.

Variety of Investment :

There is no shortage of variety when investing in mutual funds. There are funds that focus on blue-chip stocks, technology stocks, bonds or a mix of stocks and bonds and with due assistance from a financial expert, the investor can choose a scheme that aptly fit his requirements, and helps him achieve maximum profitability.

Our experts help you in identification and selection of the topmost mutual fund propositions, and warn you against investing in funds that may currently be best performing funds but may not do well in the foreseeable future.

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